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Ballantrae Parish Church meets at 11:30am every Sunday.

Services suspended due to  lockdown  to minimize the spread of the Covid 19 virus.


Services are also held on the first Sunday of the month (April will be 2nd Sunday) at 3pm in  Glenapp Church. This a liturgical and ecumenical service led by a dedicated group from the congregation of Ballantrae.

All the services are times of fellowship, prayer, worship and reflection on God’s word, as we get to know the living God more.

It will be great to see you at any of our services and if you want more information about either of the churches, please contact us

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Reflection 25th March 2020

Feet fast in the stocks they sang praises!

“… the jailer… put them in the inner cell and fastened their feet in the stocks. About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them” Acts 16: 24-25.

 Paul had been witnessing to the Gospel message in Philipi. His loving actions in helping a young woman, which indirectly led to her no longer being able to be exploited; brought persecution from others. Many people were coming to believe in the risen Lord, and were filled with inner joy, but others were against the apostles teaching. Paul had fearlessly witnessed to his faith and he and Silas ended up being stripped and beaten, before being locked up in jail. There they were placed in stocks. Their feet would have been locked, and perhaps their hands and necks too.

They were not disheartened. They didn’t give up. They were not moaning about the pain and discomfort they were in. They were filled with joy and sang praises to God. They prayed too; no doubt in adoration, confession, thanksgiving and intercession for others. Their present trials did not rob them of the joy of knowing God. Those around them were amazed, and were made to think; because these men had such faith in Jesus. Paul and Silas knew that their Lord should be praised, and they knew that he was with them, at all times through his spirit.

We now face a situation of lockdown to try to minimize the spread of the Covid 19 virus. We all face change as our movements have been drastically reduced. We may in some respects feel imprisoned and frustrated not to be able to go about our daily routines. But, let us remember that God is still there for us. May we remember too, that God is Holy and is to be praised. May we pray that in his mercy, he would soon bring this difficult time to a close. May we know Gods presence and though restricted still continue to pray and sing praise to God. The book of Psalms is full of songs we can read which speak of God being at work in lots of different situations.

May the way we live in these days (remembering the lonely and vulnerable) speak to others, in the same way that Paul and Silas singing praises did long ago.

Every blessing,

Rev`d Theo Corney


Choose Faith Not Fear | Nicky Gumbel


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