Ballantrae Parish Church

Welcome to the website for Ballantrae Parish Church linked with St Colmon Parish Church, a charge of the Church of Scotland.


Ballantrae Parish Church meets at 11:30am every Sunday.

Sunday Services have started again with social distancing and mandatory wearing of masks to minimize the spread of the Covid 19 virus.


Services are also held in  Glenapp Church.   ( Time and dates presently under review) This a liturgical and ecumenical service led by a dedicated group from the congregation of Ballantrae.

All the services are times of fellowship, prayer, worship and reflection on God’s word, as we get to know the living God more.

It will be great to see you at any of our services and if you want more information about either of the churches, please contact us



 Sunday 19th June 2022
Call to worship
496 O for a thousand
Psalm 42 & 43
111 Dear Lord and Father
Luke 8: 26-39
698 Thou Lord hast Given Thyself
744 We`ve a story to tell
Today, we looked at how Jesus cured a demoniac. The mans life was completely turned around after his encounter with Jesus. All that oppressed him was gone and he was then in his right mind. This was demonstrated by the fact that he then wanted learn at Jesus feet. This mans transformation and his desire to follow Jesus when healed was opposite that of the others who wanted to drive Jesus away. The man wanted to follow Jesus but Jesus sent him home to witness to his transformation. His dramatic change meant that he could be a great witness to those around him. We too need to witness to others of what the Lord has done for us and welcome others to begin a journey of faith. God can do Marvelous things!
Every blessing,
Theo Corney


The Church has an induction loop system

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