Ballantrae Parish Church

Welcome to the website for Ballantrae Parish Church linked with St Colmon Parish Church, a charge of the Church of Scotland.


Ballantrae Parish Church meets at 11:30am every Sunday.

Sunday Services have started again with social distancing and mandatory wearing of masks to minimize the spread of the Covid 19 virus.


Services are also held on the first Sunday of the month (April will be 2nd Sunday) at 3pm in  Glenapp Church. This a liturgical and ecumenical service led by a dedicated group from the congregation of Ballantrae.

All the services are times of fellowship, prayer, worship and reflection on God’s word, as we get to know the living God more.

It will be great to see you at any of our services and if you want more information about either of the churches, please contact us




John 1:43-51
Hymns: Just as I am & Will you come and follow me?
Philip and Nathanael

We all like to hear wonderful news! These trying days that we living in are leaving a lot of people feeling rather low. The promise of a vaccine brought encouragement to many. But people are suffering terribly from the consequences of Covid 19. A couple of days ago I heard from a gentleman that he had some good news; that he was going to become a grandparent. He had shared with me a few months back that he was looking forward to the time when he might become one. I was delighted for him, and glad that he had heard something very positive in recent days.

Our reading began towards the start of Jesus ministry, when he was gathering disciples. Philip had already it seems heard of Jesus and had spoken with him. The time came for Jesus to leave Galilee, and he simply said to Philip “follow me”. Philip was no doubt an ordinary working fisherman. Philip was also a man of simple faith. He had obviously looked forward to the time that Gods messiah would come. He had met with the Lord, and recognised through faith who he was. His heart must have been overwhelmed with joy that the messiah had arrived. So, before he left Philip found Nathanael and said that he had found the one that scripture had foretold would come: Jesus of Nazereth. Maybe it sounded just too good to be true… Nathanael replied “Nazereth! Can anthing good come from there?”. Not a very promising response, but again Nathanael was a man of faith. Philip didnt try to argue but said come and see. As people of faith we may not be able to persuade someone else to have faith, but we can show others what God is like and how he has changed us. It is right that we lead people forward to receive Gods love and blessings. That we try to introduce people to Jesus.

Jesus saw Nathanael coming and said “here is a true Isrealite in whom there is nothing false”. He had a simple faith, and God can really bless and use folk like him. Nathanael asked how Jesus knew of him and Jesus made reference to seeing him seeing him under the fig tree. This resonated with Nathanael and he declared “Rabi, you are the Son of God; you are the King of Isreal”. The wonderful news that Philip came with seemed almost too good to be true, but Nathanael through the eyes of faith was able to see the great news for himself, that Gods messiah had come.

Jesus promised Nathanael that he would see great things in the days ahead. And the disciples did indeed see great things as Jesus ministered among the people, before dying in their place and being raised to new life forevermore.  The bible doesn’t tell us much more about Nathanael, but he is mentioned in the last chapter of Johns gospel. He was there as a witness to the resurrection, having breakfast with Christ who is alive forever.

Jesus was able to use these ordinary men to share the gospel with all nations. They had a simple and yet deep faith and God was able to use them mightily. There is good news for us today. God is still at work in our world. He offers us love and forgiveness, if we seek him through faith. And he will work in us making us the people he would have us be. These ordinary people did extraordinary things for God. Are we growing in our faith and allowing God to work through us as the years go by as these men did?

May we remember that there is good news out there for all of us. May we abound in hope and persevere in prayer.

Every blessing,

Rev`d Theo Corney


What Scotland’s new Covid-19 lockdown restrictions mean as at midnight 4th January 2021.
All places of worship will close, except for broadcasting a service, funeral or wedding.
A maximum of five people allowed at weddings.
A maximum of 20 people allowed at funerals; wakes are banned.
This means sadly Ballantrae Parish Church will be closed until further notice.
You are in our thoughts in these difficult times.




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