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Ballantrae Parish Church meets at 11:30am every Sunday.

Services are also held in  Glenapp Church.   ( Time and dates presently under review) This a liturgical and ecumenical service led by a dedicated group from the congregation of Ballantrae.

All the services are times of fellowship, prayer, worship and reflection on God’s word, as we get to know the living God more.

It will be great to see you at any of our services and if you want more information about either of the churches, please contact us


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An informal coffee time continues on Tuesday mornings at 1030am in the BRICC house. Come along for some homemade goodies!
Glenapp church services happen at 3pm on the third Wednesday of each month.


26th November 2023
Matthew 25: 31-46
Christ the King
The Sunday before Advent is known as the Festival of Christ the King and reflects on the nature of Christs kingship.  A lot of our theology around Christs Kingship comes from our hymns and today we sang Rejoice The Lord is King, You are the King of Glory, The Sevant King and I cannot tell.
We reflected on the kind of king that Jesus is. We noted that he is exalted to the highest heavens where he reigns. We noted that he is all knowing and all powerful. We noted how he humbled himself leaving the glory of the heavens to be born into this world of ours. Jesus was the king born to die and he knows what the pressures of this life are like. Our king is a loving king, he came to this world to show us Gods love and to suffer in our place upon the cross. The kingdom of God was demonstrated through loving acts of our Lord and he taught that his kingdom is present where his will is done. Jesus deserves all praise and honour, and it is right that we make him king and lord of our lives. We need to allow him to reign in our hearts.
Our reading for today depicted our lord sitting on his throne in majesty, to judge the world, separating the sheep from the goats. Jesus gave this parable which depicts his awesome majesty. It is a parable which is very challenging, because it suggests that Christ will judge us according to our deeds. Because each one of us falls short of the mark, we often find parables such as these humbling. The service that the lord requires from us according to the parable is showing loving care in action to those in need. And the truth is expressed that when we serve others, we are serving Christ himself or when we neglect to serve, we are neglecting Christ. When we reflect on this parable may we remember the one who told it. He was a friend of outcasts and sinners and came to offer love and forgiveness. May those who have been blessed by him serve others and share Christs love far and wide. There are blessings available for all who will submit to our Lords just and gentle rule. We can look for opportunities day by day to serve others and we can help the poor and lowly at a distance through various modern means. May we live our lives serving others.
Every blessing
Rev`d Theo Corney

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